is tank in a sentence

  1. It was used in the turret of the Panzer I tank.
  2. The former is tank-launched while the latter provides tactical support.
  3. World War I tanks were also built by Metro Cammell of Wednesbury.
  4. The Vimoutiers Tiger is one of only seven Tiger I tanks remaining.
  5. Today, in Peru, in practice the law is tanks and guns.
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  7. The division was subsequently assigned a lead role in the Tiger I tanks.
  8. In 1937, 15 Panzer I tanks Ausf.
  9. Simpson's expertise is tank warfare.
  10. "I've seen World War I tanks in museums before,"
  11. Most World War I tanks could travel only at about a walking pace at best.
  12. Battalion HQ had three PzKpfw I tanks and three Kleiner Panzer Befehlswagen I command tanks.
  13. Knocked-out German Panzer IV and Tiger I tanks during the fighting on the Western Front
  14. Matilda I tanks equipped the 88 mm anti-aircraft guns, personally directed by Rommel.
  15. The Chinese Nationalist Government also imported the MG 13 with the Panzer I tank from Germany.
  16. One was equipped with Panzer I tanks and the second with captured T-26 tanks.
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