is struck out in a sentence

"is struck out" in Chinese  
  1. "That's why I struck out ."
  2. One time I struck out 19 and I lost the game.
  3. The entry is struck out if the discussion has been concluded.
  4. But after I struck out the first guy, I felt fine.
  5. I struck out twice ( and fouled out to the catcher ).
  6. It's difficult to find is struck out in a sentence.
  7. I struck out about seven or eight guys in just five innings.
  8. I struck out seven straight times when I played baseball.
  9. He was making fun of me because I struck out three times.
  10. It was a complete game and I struck out 10.
  11. When I struck out, he gestured to get out of here.
  12. So, I struck out with just a day pack.
  13. "I struck out the side on 10 pitches,"
  14. Yes, I struck out and hit a fly ball to left.
  15. I struck out " temporarily " from my first comment.
  16. It definitely got me pumped up and then I struck out Albert Belle,
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