is spike in a sentence

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  1. _One person who will not miss Awesome is Spike Dudley.
  2. But this is Spike, a 60-pound pit bull.
  3. Countless letters I spiked essentially convicting the two without a jury.
  4. It's called " I Spike ."
  5. Every meeting is spiked with mixers for local business and community leaders.
  6. It's difficult to find is spike in a sentence.
  7. But this one is spiked with musings on God, fate and death.
  8. My name is Spike, honey . "'
  9. One Blaxploitation film that accentuates this barbarian belief is Spike Lee s Bamboozled.
  10. After years of doing the right thing, what is Spike Lee doing wrong?
  11. The only person I imagine doing a more effervescently visionary job is Spike Jonze.
  12. Is Spike having a mid-career crisis?
  13. It turns out the jam is spiked with " cannabis sativa ".
  14. Is he implying that the inspector doesn't know the tea is spiked?
  15. Her element is spiking it; its stronger variant is called Sparkle Fire Inferno.
  16. His diction is spiked with slang as vivid and sometimes searing as the streets themselves.
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