is similar to in a sentence

"is similar to" in Chinese  
  1. The national trend is similar to what is happening in Massachusetts.
  2. The physics of that fault is similar to the San Andreas.
  3. The theory of hacking is similar to the laws of fishing.
  4. The chlorine chemical is similar to those used in swimming pools.
  5. The first type is similar to the concept of dynamic binding.
  6. It's difficult to find is similar to in a sentence.
  7. Gillick says he is similar to Wade Boggs in this respect.
  8. An Article 32 proceeding is similar to a grand jury investigation.
  9. That is similar to its ratings for Mexico and the Philippines.
  10. Using such software to run a business is similar to stealing.
  11. That position is similar to the one taken by President Clinton.
  12. The value of the deal is similar to what Enron paid.
  13. Their story is similar to those of millions of US citizens.
  14. It is similar to the coaching mindset over there at Montlake.
  15. It is similar to the mutation that gives us white tigers.
  16. The Manpower Ministry is similar to labor ministries in other countries.
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