is sick in a sentence

"is sick" in Chinese  
  1. "My baby is sick, " she said.
  2. But disease may spread before anyone realizes a child is sick.
  3. Just as you feared : Mario Lemieux is sick and tired.
  4. Society is sick, and in every corner there is corruption.
  5. Does she get up at night when a child is sick?
  6. It's difficult to find is sick in a sentence.
  7. "This market is sick, " he said.
  8. Besides, she went on, she is sick of fighting.
  9. The public says it is sick of the presidential sex scandal.
  10. I'm sure Doug is sick of them, too.
  11. Our national community is sick and her heart is very heavy.
  12. My dad is sick and doesn't have any money.
  13. Obviously, Pierce knows how to play when he is sick.
  14. The fickle TV audience is sick of formulaic comedies and dramas.
  15. "That boy is sick, " he said.
  16. I think there are grounds to think that Arafat is sick.
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