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  1. Another important function that is related with this protein is cell proliferation.
  2. The key technology is cell-free synthetic enzymatic pathway biotransformation ( SyPaB ).
  3. Another factor that will support the activation of MMP-2 is cell-cell clustering.
  4. For example, one of the best-characterised human intracellular serpins is cell death pathways.
  5. Another critical function for OMM-bound HK1 is cell survival and protection against oxidative damage.
  6. It's difficult to find is cell in a sentence.
  7. This condition is called hyperplasia, which is cell growth beyond what is normally seen.
  8. In contrast to Type I cells, they are unipolar and unmyelinated in most mammals.
  9. This gene encodes a type I cell-surface receptor for the TGF-beta superfamily of ligands.
  10. A primary concern in the photovoltaics industry is cell efficiency.
  11. Los Angeles is cell phones ringing at courtside; Sacramento is cowbells ringing at courtside.
  12. With WST-1, which is cell-impermeable, reduction occurs outside the cell via plasma membrane electron transport.
  13. Now that, concludes the article, is cell phone nirvana.
  14. The first category is cell therapy in mainstream medicine.
  15. This enzyme s function positions type I cells to uniquely take advantage of their mitochondria.
  16. The sport, a new one on the program at Sydney 2000, is Cell Phone Avoidance.
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