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  1. If you have a choice, get a lithium ion battery.
  2. The company is the second largest maker of ion implantation devices.
  3. The excited electron whizzes off, leaving a positively charged ion.
  4. Its color capabilities are driven by an internal lithium ion battery.
  5. These ions wreak havoc inside cells and can ultimately kill them.
  6. It's difficult to find ion in a sentence.
  7. But the lab managed to collide two beams of gold ions.
  8. Ion propulsion gives mission planners one more tool in the toolbox.
  9. ION is a bit more complicated ( than competing services ).
  10. By contrast, the Genesis will return 400 micrograms of ions.
  11. But ions he offered Wednesday should not come as a surprise.
  12. Ion Radoi, a subway union leader, said by telephone.
  13. It must be signed by President Ion Iliescu to become law.
  14. The dismissal has to be formally approved by President Ion Iliescu.
  15. She said Romanian President Ion Iliescu may also attend the inauguration.
  16. President Ion Iliescu is hosting a banquet for the two Saturday.
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