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  1. Kidd and her weekly gig at the cafe need little introduction.
  2. Essays by Arnold Palmer and others, introduction by John Updike.
  3. Jon Balter of Agoura said of his recent introduction to surfing.
  4. But their input was limited to the monologue and guest introductions.
  5. See Advisory Committee's Introduction, supra, at 771.
  6. It's difficult to find introduction in a sentence.
  7. Fox built great suspense around the introduction of the new ranger.
  8. Principal Don Collier said the introduction of computers changed things dramatically.
  9. The Rolling Stones'terrifying introduction to the American blues culture.
  10. The introduction of a bill used to be a minor event.
  11. Wherever the man goes, the introduction is always the same:
  12. The recommendations included introduction of the city's first cabinet.
  13. It was the best introduction to the movies I could have.
  14. Buchanan offered this sarcastic introduction for his quiet wife, Shelley.
  15. Pentium prices are expected to drop considerably as the introduction approaches.
  16. The introduction _ We came, we saw, we waited.
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