into the ground in a sentence

"into the ground" meaning  "into the ground" in Chinese  
  1. By the end, he was riding me into the ground.
  2. Let him run the Brewers into the ground, not baseball.
  3. The lobbying and gift ban have been debated into the ground,
  4. The economy had been driven into the ground under military rule.
  5. He was at full throttle and went straight into the ground,
  6. It's difficult to find into the ground in a sentence.
  7. He fell, slamming into the ground and breaking his neck.
  8. They were there when the papers were run into the ground,
  9. Her head had been driven into the ground, police said.
  10. _Fiberglass : This preconstructed shell is set into the ground.
  11. You don't see him slamming clubs into the ground.
  12. The investor " ran it into the ground,"
  13. These can be driven back into the ground with a sledgehammer.
  14. Massive grave markers have fallen and are sinking into the ground.
  15. I drove the tires and the car right into the ground.
  16. They have put a sword into the ground on this one.
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