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  1. And you might help make a medical or scientific breakthrough into the bargain.
  2. The Astros might have stumbled into the bargain of the century.
  3. Alphonso agrees, offering him Celie, instead of Nettie, and throwing a cow into the bargain.
  4. Into the bargain, it dissected every attempt-- not all of them racist-- to devise IQ tests.
  5. Into the bargain it made Bloom a national figure, demonized by graduate students and leftists everywhere.
  6. It's difficult to find into the bargain in a sentence.
  7. And, into the bargain, its lamentation usually is uttered by folks who never much wished Clinton well.
  8. Given that they are transclusions into the bargain, they simply add to server load for no purpose.
  9. And in personal care products, a stock that has been recently put into the bargain camp : Gillette.
  10. You lift the lid up to form a chair back, and you get an upholstered seat into the bargain.
  11. It allowed Putin to win the media's obedience while looking like a defender of free speech into the bargain.
  12. I've fixed it . . . and, what the heck, updated the date for 4 and 5 tildes into the bargain.
  13. With no competitors to worry about, the USPS feels free to treat its customers like dirt-- and overcharge them into the bargain.
  14. The relevance of this distinction between real and remote possibility arises in determining whether the accused accepted the foreseen possibility into the bargain.
  15. Shop ) for about $ 15 million in August 2008 and SAAN and Red Apple locations were absorbed into the Bargain Shop chain.
  16. Into the bargain, Panamanians, not Hutchinson, will be running the canal, as for all practical purposes they have for the past 10 years.
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