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  1. Readings from the satellites can be snagged at intervals you set.
  2. He avoids interval training on the track, preferring long runs.
  3. But something's happened to the guy in the interval.
  4. He had slips, but he was sober for big intervals,
  5. Rhythm and interval are replaced by music as a steady stream.
  6. It's difficult to find interval in a sentence.
  7. Prick layers at 2-inch intervals with a wooden pick.
  8. But another 70 million jobs were created in the same interval.
  9. They also offer the opportunity to reinvest profit at regular intervals.
  10. They bat in groups of four at 15-minute intervals.
  11. Six short but intense intervals are designed for maximum fat burning.
  12. Each interval is followed by a two-minute recovery interval.
  13. Each interval is followed by a two-minute recovery interval.
  14. In the control group, the QT interval was almost constant.
  15. Small cups of cigarettes were placed at intervals along the table.
  16. The phenomenon occurs at intervals ranging from 20 to 40 minutes.
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