interval arithmetics in a sentence

  1. Interval arithmetic states the range of possible outcomes explicitly.
  2. Interval arithmetic is still used to determine rounding errors.
  3. Interval arithmetic also helps find reliable and guaranteed solutions to equations and optimization problems.
  4. This plus interval arithmetic combined with Newton's method yields robust and fast algorithms.
  5. Its authors are aiming to have interval arithmetic in the standard C + + language.
  6. It's difficult to find interval arithmetics in a sentence.
  7. For an alternative see interval arithmetic.
  8. But it is a negative distance, because 1 is the additive zero in interval arithmetic.
  9. In addition computer algebra systems, such as Mathematica, Euler Math Toolbox includes an interval arithmetic.
  10. In interval arithmetic, any variable x lies between a and b, or could be one of them.
  11. He had the idea in Spring 1958, and a year later he published an article about computer interval arithmetic.
  12. It is therefore not surprising that complex interval arithmetic is similar to, but not the same as, ordinary complex arithmetic.
  13. These features made numerical computations more predictable and machine-independent, and made possible the efficient and consistent implementation of interval arithmetic.
  14. The corresponding " multi-interval arithmetic " maintains a disjoint set of intervals and also provides for overlapping intervals to unite.
  15. Gaol is another C + + interval arithmetic library that is unique in that it offers the relational interval operators used in interval constraint programming.
  16. An application of this principle is the notion of "'sub-distributivity "'as explained in the article on interval arithmetic.
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