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  1. Thus, it is a generalization of both interval analysis and probability theory.
  2. The main theory that is used to build atomic contractors are based on interval analysis.
  3. Probability bounds analysis gives the same answer as interval analysis does when only range information is available.
  4. Hansen's method used interval analysis to solve a supposedly " insoluble " global optimization problem.
  5. McCormick relaxations ), or using interval analysis in order to work with more general functional forms.
  6. It's difficult to find interval analysis in a sentence.
  7. Probability bounds analysis is essentially a combination of the methods of standard interval analysis and classical probability theory.
  8. The proof that the robot will always stay inside its corridor can be performed using interval analysis and set inversion.
  9. "' Eldon Robert Hansen "'is a mathematician who has published widely in global optimization theory and interval analysis.
  10. In interval analysis, a split complex number represents an interval with midpoint " x " and radius " y ".
  11. The birth of modern interval arithmetic was marked by the appearance of the book " Interval Analysis " by Ramon E . Moore in 1966.
  12. Since extensive studies have been carried out in the literature on such a robot thus more emphasis is placed on applying novel optimization approach, such as interval analysis and convex optimization, to the end of designing the most promising one in term of kinematic and dynamic properties.
  13. The method was originally described for both the one-dimensional and multi-dimensional cases in the 1980s, and is more fully described in the 1992 " Global Optimization Using Interval Analysis " and the 2nd edition of the book written with William Walster in 2003, and was translated into Russian in 2012.
  14. In In 2006 he obtained his D . Sc . in Computer Science from the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Warsaw, Poland, with the thesis " Diagrammatic interval analysis with applications . " Kulpa was one of the founding members of the Polish Computer Science Society ( PTI ) and member of the Planetary Society.

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