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  1. This will result in higher eigenvalues but diminished interpretability of the factors.
  2. Many model-theoretic properties are preserved under interpretability.
  3. Weak interpretability can be shown to be a special, binary case of tolerance.
  4. This concept, together with weak interpretability, was introduced by Alfred Tarski in 1953.
  5. The test uses a fixed bandwidth which reduces the power of the test and its interpretability.
  6. It's difficult to find interpretability in a sentence.
  7. Contrary to optical applications, defocusing can actually increase the precision and interpretability of the micrographs.
  8. The development of the 2011 questionnaire focused on accuracy, relevance, interpretability, and coherence.
  9. The strength of neuro-fuzzy systems involves two contradictory requirements in fuzzy modeling : interpretability versus accuracy.
  10. Therefore, it is not an issue of psychometrics, per se, but an issue of interpretability.
  11. storytelling device; one that gives his narrative something unique in games yet celebrated in film : interpretability.
  12. The ambiguity and interpretability of these abstract concepts may drive them to decouple from each other over time ."
  13. It must be pointed out that interpretability of the Mamdani-type neuro-fuzzy systems can be lost.
  14. They showed that the Bi-interpretability Conjecture is equivalent to there being no nontrivial automorphism of the Turing degrees.
  15. Of course, the interpretability of the formula is lost, but this approach is very useful for repetitive numerical calculations.
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