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  1. A retailer has been interposed between theatrical message and audience reception.
  2. June Peer, 83, a retired teacher, quietly interposed.
  3. The FG is interposed between the CG and the MOSFET channel.
  4. The interposed nucleus is located in the paravermis of the cerebellum.
  5. This interposing of wrappers is called " interception ".
  6. It's difficult to find interpose in a sentence.
  7. But a kindlier fate has interposed in the person of Victoire.
  8. Fabienne is about to be drowned when Labussi鑢e and Martial interpose.
  9. Despite the apparent agreement, the Hobbs Company continued to interpose objections.
  10. So interposing Helm s return between 3rd & 4th para feels wrong.
  11. I do not need an independent commission interposing itself between myself and you.
  12. But now you have this computer screen interposed between you and the patient.
  13. The Hobbs Company continued to interpose objections in 1913.
  14. Nerthus is believed to directly interpose in human affairs.
  15. A more subtle example of interference occurs when the interposing piece interrupts two lines simultaneously.
  16. But kind relatives interposed, and the boy was allowed to follow his original bent.
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