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  1. Interpore was acquired by Biomet in June.
  2. Steri-Oss had sales of $ 19.3 million, including Interpore's results, in the first half of this year.
  3. The company acquired the dental business of periodontal products maker Interpore International in May, giving the company greater U . S . sales of implant units than its competitors.
  4. Medtronic also disclosed Tuesday that Judge Gary L . Taylor of U . S . District Court in Santa Ana, Calif ., had issued an order barring it from using a spinal implant screw patented by Interpore International.
  5. Income excluded a $ 7.8 million charge for debt refinancing, included Interpore's results in the later period, and was calculated as if the IPO occurred at the start of 1996, according to the filing.
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  7. For his lifetime scientific achievements and his major role in founding and leading of the International Society for Porous Media ( www . interpore . org ), he was awarded the Royal medal of honor, Ridder in de Orde van Nederlandse Leeuw ( Knight in the Order of Netherlands Lion ) in July 2015.

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