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  1. It made him look like a man on an Interpol poster.
  2. Interpol estimates illegal wildlife trafficking worldwide at $ 6 billion annually.
  3. For families who live overseas, Interpol is making the notifications.
  4. They subsequently opened an investigation after confirming his warrant with Interpol.
  5. Uruguay's Interpol chief Ricardo Bernal told The Associated Press.
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  7. Bloch was being held in the Interpol office in Santo Domingo.
  8. Requests for help were sent to Interpol and other police agencies.
  9. He said Interpol had not confirmed the mortar bombs were hijacked.
  10. French authorities received an international arrest warrant on Wednesday through Interpol.
  11. Interpol officers were escorting them on a flight to Spain Friday.
  12. He was arrested at the request of Interpol . ae-as
  13. He said Germany also was seeking an international warrant through Interpol.
  14. Both Interpol and Britain's Foreign Office refused the request.
  15. The international police coordination agency Interpol was involved in the arrest.
  16. The international police agency Interpol was notified anyway, he said.
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