interpolis in a sentence

  1. No one at Interpolis has their own fixed place of work.
  2. The Rabobank exchanged Interpolis for 37 % of the shares in Eureko.
  3. ABW was first implemented by Interpolis in the nineties in the Netherlands.
  4. Employees at Interpolis do not have to clock in.
  5. The motto at Interpolis is : as long as the work gets done.
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  7. Interpolis is a pioneer of teleworking in the Netherlands.
  8. In 2005 Interpolis merged with Achmea, part of the European insurance group Eureko.
  9. He won the second Interpolis Tournament in the Netherlands in 1978, ahead of Timman.
  10. In addition to insurance, Interpolis is also known for its special outlook on work.
  11. Since the merger Interpolis is part of Achmea, the largest insurance group in the Netherlands.
  12. The flexible working concept, of Activity Based Working, led to a cultural transition at Interpolis.
  13. It was released as a maxi single and was used in a television advertisement for Interpolis, a Dutch insurance company.
  14. Special areas called  club houses have also been created at the Interpolis head office, each with its own particular atmosphere.
  15. In these club houses the Interpolis employees can combine various daily activities, such as working, consulting, meeting people, relaxing and eating.
  16. Held at the Interpolis headquarters, round one heralded the largest number of'big reputation'casualties since the introduction of the knockout format.
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