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  1. Interpolators have high resolution but they cannot measure long intervals.
  2. Interpolators are often used with a stable system clock.
  3. The counter and interpolators must agree on matching the start and end clock events.
  4. Scala 2.10 + has implemented the following string interpolators : s, f and raw.
  5. The cubic interpolation article indicates that the method is equivalent to a sequential application of one-dimensional cubic interpolators.
  6. It's difficult to find interpolators in a sentence.
  7. Unlike the predecessor Radeon R700, as DirectX 11 mandates full developer control over interpolation, dedicated interpolators were removed, relying instead on the SIMD cores.
  8. Apart from the Chronicle of Panodorus, which was largely used by the interpolators, the work in its original, as well as in its later form, seems to have been influenced by other sources, hitherto unascertained.
  9. The counter information is supplemented with two time interpolators : one interpolator measures the ( short ) interval between the start event and a following clock event, and the second interpolator measure the interval between the stop event and a following clock event.
  10. This procedure was suggested by Ahmed et al . ( 1987 ) and Odeh et al . ( 1995 ) later named it " regression-kriging ", while Goovaerts ( 1997 ) uses the term " kriging with a trend model " to refer to a family of interpolators, and refers to RK as " simple kriging with varying local means ".
  11. In 1975 David Howlett published a textual analysis which suggested that both " The Wanderer " and " The Seafarer " are " coherent poems with structures unimpaired by interpolators "; and concluded that a variety of " indications of rational thematic development and balanced structure imply that " The Wanderer " and " The Seafarer " have been transmitted from the pens of literate poets without serious corruption . " With particular reference to " The Seafarer ", Howlett further added that " The argument of the entire poem is compressed into " lines 58-63, and explained that " Ideas in the five lines which precede the centre " ( line 63 ) " are reflected in the five lines which follow it ".

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