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  1. Her international radio call sign is " DRAX ".
  2. All Cutters ( CG vessels 65 feet in length or greater ) have four-letter international radio call signs, such as USCGC " Citrus " / NRPQ . Cutters normally identify themselves as " Cutter ( name ) ".
  3. In most countries, the aircraft call sign or " tail number " / " tail letters " ( also known as registration marks ) are linked to the international radio call sign allocation table and follow a convention that aircraft radio stations ( and, by extension, the aircraft itself ) receive call signs consisting of five letters.
  4. Similarly WEZU, the international radio call sign of the ship SS Lash Atlantico, was assigned in 1997 to a broadcast station . [ 6 ] Additional call signs would be reassigned to coastal stations or moved from marine radio to terrestrial broadcast radio when ships were sold for registration to foreign nations, as the new owners would obtain new, local call signs for any existing shipboard radio stations.
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