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  1. Differences remain over the rate Telmex charges competitors for completing international calls.
  2. It will also lower international call rates in the U . K.
  3. The state firm monopolizes domestic phone services and handles most international calls.
  4. Provincial and international call prices will fall this year, as previously agreed.
  5. Another 25 per cent of its revenue is derived from international calls.
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  7. There are no phones in the city capable of making international calls.
  8. International calls to sort through the claims of both sides grew Friday.
  9. The recipient of the international call need not have the app installed.
  10. The firm monopolizes all domestic phone services and handles most international calls.
  11. Serbian authorities have defied international calls to extradite the three for trial.
  12. We could see if someone is making a slew of international calls,
  13. Will Amnesty International call for the indictment of PBS and the Muppets?
  14. PLDT is dependent on international calls for 60 percent of its revenue.
  15. Call2 offers a unique way of initiating long distance and international calls.
  16. The Serb action has defied international calls to settle the crisis peacefully.
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