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  1. It was popularized by a 1994 book, " The International CallBack Book " by Gene Retske.
  2. International callback has been credited with opening global telecom markets because it enabled competition to start up even if regulatory restrictions existed.
  3. "Obviously callback is inconvenient but people use it to save money, " said Stacy Oh, director of marketing for Encino, California-based Cross Communications Inc ., an international callback provider.
  4. The card allows customers to receive U . S . rates for international phone calls through IDT's international Callback platform, which connects customers to a U . S . dial tone from anywhere in the world.
  5. U . S . telecommunications giant AT and T Corp . on Wednesday launched a new international callback service that allows customers in Japan to pay U . S . prices for calls from Tokyo to any other country, roughly halving the cost.
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  7. "' Call2 "'is an international callback provider, founded in 1997 in the United Kingdom by Peter Farrer and merged by Andrew Try in 1999 to form Comxo Trading Ltd . Their offices are located just outside London, England.

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