international calendar in a sentence

  1. The Davos meeting has become a popular fixture on the international calendar.
  2. An international calendar is going to have to be mandatory,
  3. Previous attempts to coordinate the international calendar have failed.
  4. Since 1980 volleyball has had a regular international calendar.
  5. The clubs regret there is no international calendar with enough guidance to avoid problems.
  6. It's difficult to find international calendar in a sentence.
  7. "The international calendar is very important for our sport, " he said.
  8. Currently there is no regularity in the international calendar apart from the major traditional series.
  9. "The international calendar is now the top item, " he added.
  10. The new international calendar has given us a tremendous opportunity to plan for years ahead.
  11. He steered the move toward more professional referees and more harmonization in the international calendar.
  12. The bad timing of the event has increased calls for a more coordinated international calendar.
  13. The league observes all FIFA standards, rules, player transfer windows and international calendar.
  14. Rugby League unveiled a new international calendar Monday featuring the advent of the Super League era.
  15. To prevent overloading the international calendar Champions League teams will be split into six teams of four.
  16. It was agreed that it was not possible to change the international calendar at such short notice.
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