international aerial robotics competition in a sentence

  1. The next year the Carnegie Mellon invention won the annual International Aerial Robotics competition.
  2. In May, his students took home the $ 10, 000 first prize from the 1994 International Aerial Robotics Competition in Atlanta.
  3. The 14th annual International Aerial Robotics Competition is offering $ 40, 000 to the first team whose robot can fly nearly three miles to a mock village, identify a target building and enter it through an open window.
  4. The DARPA Grand Challenge and DARPA Urban Challenge have encouraged development of even more autonomous capabilities for ground vehicles, while this has been the demonstrated goal for aerial robots since 1990 as part of the AUVSI International Aerial Robotics Competition.
  5. As founder and chief impresario of the International Aerial Robotics Competition-- an annual event designed to test the capabilities of robotic flying machines-- his biggest challenge for the past 14 years hasn't been dreaming up new disasters du jour.
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  7. "' Robert C . Michelson "'( born 1951 ) is an American engineer and academic widely known for inventing the entomopter, a biologically inspired flapping-winged aerial robot, and for having established the International Aerial Robotics Competition.
  8. No government or corporation has shown that it can conduct such a complicated mission with an unmanned aircraft . Industry experts say it will take a decade to complete, but the organizers of the International Aerial Robotics Competition predict the college students will figure it out in four years.
  9. To attract more students to the field of robotics and with the belief that  hands-on activities provide a much-needed opportunity to enhance traditional classroom teaching, in 1991, former-AUVSI President Prof . Robert C . Michelson, created the International Aerial Robotics Competition ( IARC ) while heading the organization's Technical Committee.
  10. In 2016, the International Aerial Robotics Competition and its creator were officially recognized during the Georgia legislative session in the form of " Senate Resolution 1255 which recognized it as the longest running aerial robotics competition in the world and for having been responsible for moving forward the state of the art in aerial robotics on several occasions during the past quarter century.
  11. UW Engineering students used to finish top in competitions such as the Canadian Engineering Competition, the Formula SAE Competition ( 1st of Canadian teams, 4th in the world in 2005 ), the Challenge X ( 1st overall in 2005 ), the North American Solar Challenge ( Guinness World Record holder ), and the International Aerial Robotics Competition . ( Maintains 2nd place in 2005)

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