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  1. Press chaired that university's international advisory committee until 2010.
  2. He has served on the international advisory committees of over 40 national and international meetings.
  3. From 1986 member of International Advisory Committee of The Internationale Hegel-Gesellschaft . Fellow of Collegium Invisibile.
  4. For 5 years he was a member of Unesco's International Advisory Committee on Libraries, Documentation and Archives.
  5. An international advisory committee will oversee the 18-month study, requested last year by the French foreign minister.
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  7. She is one of 14 members of the International Advisory Committee of UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme.
  8. This group of top chefs met in San Sebasti醤 in July 2010, to set up the International Advisory Committee.
  9. Key progress included forming an international Advisory Committee of senior researchers and science administrators to provide guidance and support.
  10. DDBJ has an international advisory committee which consists of nine members, 3 members each from Europe, US, and Japan.
  11. An international advisory committee is to be set up to oversee the study, requested last year by the French foreign minister.
  12. He served as a member of the UNESCO International Advisory Committee on Arid Zone Research and on numerous other advisory boards.
  13. The first category includes a Standing Committee for Data, Information and Communication and an International Advisory Committee for the International Permafrost Conferences.
  14. The city of Orlando recognized Coolidge s community building efforts by inviting him to become a member of their International Advisory Committee.
  15. He asked Haas to chair the university s International Advisory Committee, in which capacity Haas has ever since conferred several honorary doctorates.
  16. He has been on the International Advisory Committee for PASCOS ( Particles, Strings and Cosmology ) Conference since its inception in 1994.
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