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  1. The laws of countries vary in their willingness to allow international adoptions.
  2. The book was published by International Adoption Contact, LLC in August 2008.
  3. Parties to the convention agree to follow certain regulations on international adoptions.
  4. Through international adoptions, an infant can be up to 12 months old.
  5. International adoption of South Korean children to the Netherlands exists since 1967.
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  7. International adoption is not the same thing as transcultural or interracial adoption.
  8. International adoptions would only be considered when no Romanian families are available.
  9. Aid flooded into the country, and international adoptions began to take place.
  10. At the time, there was no system in place for international adoptions.
  11. International adoptions became possible after the 1989 execution of Nicolae Ceausescu.
  12. Fees for an international adoption can be as much as $ 49, 000.
  13. The ban on international adoptions is to be lifted this month.
  14. In international adoption, the scramble is entirely different : it is for parents.
  15. More than 15, 000 international adoptions are expected to take place this year.
  16. Showhope cares for orphan children and helps assist with international adoptions.
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