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  1. An accord was reached last month, putting Brcko under international administration.
  2. Some place the ancient, walled Old City of Jerusalem under international administration.
  3. Saturday to begin consultations on implementing an accord putting it under international administration.
  4. The Yugoslav province has been ruled by an international administration since last June.
  5. The resolution also made Jerusalem a city under international administration and marked its borders.
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  7. But ethnic divisions remain and an international administration has had keep a firm hand.
  8. Czaja proposed to establish out of Western Poland an autonomous zone under international administration.
  9. Part II provides for the international administration of the Agreement and for dispute resolution.
  10. Serbian troops to return to the province under international administration to symbolize continued Serb sovereignty.
  11. The province is now under international administration.
  12. The peace agreement established an international administration to oversee the development of a multiethnic society.
  13. He added that his government is ready to work with the Kosovo international administration on the issue.
  14. The constitution of the new country names Kosovo as a province of Serbia currently under international administration.
  15. The constitution of Serbia and Montenegro names Kosovo as a province of Serbia currently under international administration.
  16. Solana rejected charges that the violence represented a failure of five years of international administration of the province.
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