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  1. Smith has been practicing internal medicine in Mesa since 1976 ..
  2. The Internal Revenue Service gives the elderly a break, too.
  3. Firewall : A computer that protects internal networks from outside intrusion.
  4. This was an internal history, designed for internal consumption only,
  5. This was an internal history, designed for internal consumption only,
  6. It's difficult to find internal in a sentence.
  7. An internal review is looking for the answers to these questions.
  8. Prosecutor Marcia Clark said she would support an internal affairs investigation.
  9. Certainly internal strife is the last thing you want to see.
  10. I think we can make some internal adjustments to accomplish that.
  11. But rarely, if ever, has that adversity been internal.
  12. Post, at 3, 4 ( internal quotations omitted ).
  13. Yet artificial life is not without its internal divisions and debates.
  14. WriteNow requires a svelte 595K of RAM ( internal memory ).
  15. The pressure to hire Tarkanian is as much external as internal.
  16. Our internal metronomes also seemed out of sync with country life.
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