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  1. That arrangement makes life easy for an internal-combustion engine.
  2. Ford described to Edison the car and its internal-combustion engine.
  3. He was a pioneer of internal-combustion engines and automobile development.
  4. He later concentrated on torodial internal-combustion engines.
  5. These buses will use ethanol-powered internal-combustion engines and electric motors.
  6. It's difficult to find internal - combustion engine in a sentence.
  7. Still, Ford is spending heavily to develop other alternatives to traditional internal-combustion engines.
  8. As an internal-combustion engine rumbles to life, there is vibration in the seats.
  9. Advanced tools made possible the manufacture of internal-combustion engines, automobiles, and computers.
  10. Exhaust is created when a mixture of air and fuel is ignited in an internal-combustion engine.
  11. Others are working on hybrids, a combination of a small internal-combustion engine and an electric engine.
  12. Brilli?had developed an unusual type of internal-combustion engine, with two opposed pistons within each cylinder.
  13. Kerouac's novel simultaneously takes the internal-combustion engine for granted and glories in the mobility it brings.
  14. The days of the SUV _ perhaps even the days of the internal-combustion engine _ are therefore numbered.
  15. This model is named after Enrico Bernardi, Italian inventor of the gasoline internal-combustion engine and automobile pioneer.
  16. Fuel-cell engines use chemical reactions to produce power, instead of burning fuels like an internal-combustion engine.
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