internado in a sentence

  1. Tuve que aprender como Europa un tanto bravucon durante mi infancia, solo para sobrevivir mi dura vida en un internado.
  2. De hecho, tuve que ir al hospital inmediatamente despues de que filmamos esas escenas : estuve internado nueve dias, que fueron nueve dias sin cigarrillos.
  3. The format was a single round-robin tournament, with all the games played at " Cancha del Internado " ( located in the Infantry Regiment of the city ).
  4. Durante el ultimo ano de estudios, la universidad requeria un internado en alguna publicacion : yo quise hacerlo en Vanidades, porque mis lazos sentimentales eran muy pro-fundos con la revista, naturalmente.
  5. His secondary school years were spent in the Liceos of Los 羘geles, Temuco and in the Internado Nacional Barros Arana in Santiago, and completed his qualification in the Instituto Pedag骻ico de la Universidad de Chile in 1952.
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  7. Away from cinema, he has been a regular face on Spanish television, with notable roles in " Aqu?no hay quien viva ", " Hospital Central " and " El Internado ".
  8. Israel libero a Yassin, condenado a cadena perpetua, y a otros presos palestinos . tambiin habria tenido que suministrar el antidoto para frenar los vomitos y la altisima fiebre de Mishal, internado al borde de la muerte en Amman.
  9. Close to 10 p . m ., Minister Zilic announced that he had not been able to reach an agreement with the students, which was later confirmed by the student spokespersons, who further announced another meeting for the following day in the Internado Nacional Barros Arana in order to organize the national strike to take place on June 5.
  10. After an eight-year absence, Mapy Cort閟 made a brief return to Mexican cinema with a supporting role in the comedy " Dormitorio para se駉ritas / Girls'Dormitory " ( 1959 ), a loose remake of her 1943 hit " Internado para se駉ritas / Girls'Dormitory " ( 1943 ), starring Mapita and directed by husband Fernando.
  11. In 1914, Becerra moved to Tuxtla Guti閞rez ( the Chiapas state capital ), where he would labor as an educator and occupy the same post of Director of Public Education for ten years; during which time he successfully reorganized the state's educational system, founded a school of commerce as well as the Internado Ind韌ena de San Crist骲al ( the San Crist骲al Zoque.
  12. In 2008, Corber?portrayed Manuela Portillo in series " El Internado ", and began working on the Antena 3 television series " F韘ica o Qu韒ica " . 趓sula Corber? Ruth in F韘ica o Qu韒ica, focusing on teenage problems such as bulimia, the series has attracted a lot of polemics but Corber?has been critically acclaimed for her outstanding interpretation.
  13. Before this time he had already composed " El espiante " ( " The Rejected One " ), to which he now added " Vida m韆 " ( " My Life " ), " El Once " ( the name of a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires although the tango was composed for the 11th Baile del Internado ), and " Pimienta " ( " Pepper " ) among others.
  14. The main legacy left by the AAP, along with expanding the spread of football to other sectors of society, was the activity of a number of clubs made up of students, for example, Escuela de Artes y Oficios, the Escuela de Miner韆 and the Internado F . C .; and the workers club Gutemberg F . C ., Gimn醩tico F . C . and Arco Iris F . C.

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