internacional futebol clube in a sentence

  1. After Am閞ica did not participate in the 1923 championship it merged before the 1924 competition with the Interncaional Sport Club, created itself in 1921 through a merger of the states first champions in 1915, the Internacional Futebol Clube and the " Centro Hipico Paranaense ", to form today's Clube Atl閠ico Paranaense.
  2. The club was established before the Am閞ica Foot-Ball Club, founded in 1914, and the Paran?Sport Club, founded in 1910 by employees of the " American South Brazilian Engineering Company " after their transfer from Ponta Grossa, ca . 100 km northwest of Curitiba, to the capital, to create a credible force against the then prevailing teams of the Coritiba Foot Ball Club and the Internacional Futebol Clube.
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