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  1. Instead, he has said the nation faces an insurance crisis.
  2. Supporters of national health insurance are counting on thousands of extras.
  3. Sen . Bob Dole : Insurance, market, tax reforms.
  4. Otto is covered through group insurance for both parents'employers.
  5. Many younger, healthy people voluntarily forgo the expense of insurance.
  6. It's difficult to find insurance in a sentence.
  7. Insurance executives concede that the doctors'tactics have been effective.
  8. Remember that insurance policies typically carry stiff front-end charges.
  9. Simply handing out insurance policies won't solve the problem.
  10. But everybody should pay their own bills ( for insurance ).
  11. For escrow audits, insurance policies and tax bills are necessary.
  12. Clinton once proposed, to manage insurance pools across the state.
  13. Can the average person buy insurance to cover potential legal fees?
  14. It is politically hard to narrow the scope of deposit insurance.
  15. The insurance law changes would be the first go into force.
  16. And while they can, many churches are buying extra insurance.
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