insurance and housing fund in a sentence

"insurance and housing fund" in Chinese  
  1. Social insurance and house fund as provided under chinese law
  2. In charge of and make sure calculation and payment of social insurance and housing fund
  3. Responsible for notifying fesco for new employee ' s social insurance and housing fund transfer
  4. Rmb xxxx pr . month including all social benefits , insurances and housing fund
  5. Responsible for c & b calculate and insurance and housing fund defray process , generate related data test and report per request
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  7. Social insurance and housing fund : you will be entitled to social insurance benefits in accordance with chinese labour law
  8. Housing fund will be adjusted on july 1 . social insurance and housing fund base about other cities will be announced individually as requested
  9. Based on the national taxation regulation , besides social insurance and housing fund within the limitation ( three times of social average salary ) , any other benefit and housing fund beyond the limitation to the employees must be taxed as individual income and the beneficiary needs to pay the tax accordingly

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