insurance and banking in a sentence

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  1. Regional shipping, processing, trucking, sales, insurance and banking industries are inexorably linked.
  2. There were regular economic features on the stock exchange, insurance and banking.
  3. "Huzzah ! " insurance and banking lobbyists cried, more or less.
  4. The financial sector was hard-hit, with insurance and banking both suffering.
  5. He was assigned to the standing committee on insurance and banking.
  6. It's difficult to find insurance and banking in a sentence.
  7. Insurance and banking stocks, such as Assicurazioni Generali, led the advance.
  8. He was an attorney, and worked in insurance and banking in Blanchardville, Wisconsin.
  9. Insurance and banking giant USAA, and Billing Concepts are headquartered in the area.
  10. He added insurance and banking and renamed the firm Mediolanum.
  11. The company said it also is nearly finished converting life insurance and banking software.
  12. The Commercial drew advertising from the grocery and provisions business, from insurance and banking.
  13. After 1932, he also set up Insurance and banking business.
  14. The Hepburns stood out among the staid summer population of insurance and banking executives.
  15. Washington regulators have traditionally been reluctant to allow the commingling of insurance and banking.
  16. He was assigned to the standing committees on insurance and banking, and on public welfare.
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