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  1. Talks are scheduled later this month on implementation of the insurance agreement.
  2. The insurance agreement provides needed if not critical financial relief.
  3. This MoU was to be the foundation for insurance agreements for the rest of the war.
  4. China's chief negotiator Long Yongtu described the insurance agreement as " a good compromise ."
  5. However, because of the threat of injury, NHL players competing in the Winter Games will be covered by an insurance agreement.
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  7. At least twice in the previous decade, it seemed quite possible that the jockeys might not hammer out an insurance agreement with racetracks.
  8. U . S . President Bill Clinton and Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto said they hope to forge an insurance agreement by Dec . 15.
  9. Mondale said after a meeting with Japanese Finance Minister Wataru Kubo that both sides are committed to reaching an insurance agreement by the July 31 deadline.
  10. The U . S . has threatened to impose some form of sanctions if Japan fails to carry out a 1994 insurance agreement between the two nations.
  11. Social Minister Leonore Hostasch told Austrian television that the Social Insurance Agreement between the two countries will " in effect benefit this disadvantaged group ."
  12. Once upon a time, movie producers weren't glorified accountants, financial managers more talented at structuring an insurance agreement than at envisioning a blockbuster film.
  13. The Superior Court breach of contract suit filed Wednesday said Lloyd's refuses to honor an insurance agreement to reimburse the rockers if concert dates are canceled.
  14. On July 19, 1993, Weld and the union signed a health insurance agreement under which the union members would pay ten percent of their health insurance costs.
  15. The administration is prepared to utilize all of the tools at our disposal to ensure the full benefits to U . S . industry from our bilateral insurance agreement,
  16. O'Keefe filed the suit in 1991, claiming Loewen broke their insurance agreement after it purchased two Mississippi funeral homes in 1990 and started using other insurance providers.
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