insurance against death in a sentence

"insurance against death" in Chinese  
  1. When insurant suffers accident harm to cause death , the underwriter gives pay insurance against death gold
  2. Whole - life insurance contains deposit quality , because this is expended , lead prep above fixed insurance against death
  3. Cast when defending whole - life insurance , can add the fixed insurance against death that keeps the specified number certainly
  4. One of , die to pay . when insurant suffers accident harm to cause death , the underwriter gives pay insurance against death gold
  5. Project insurance against death for them , may somebody makes the insurance accident that makes they die intentionally earn insurance gold
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  7. Generally speaking , of accept insurance of place of contract of insurance against death is the death that insurant causes as a result of place of ab extra element , for instance because of sicken or contingency and die
  8. The life that of the insurance mark with safe person is a person or the body , especially insurance against death , the happening of insurance accident is the death of insurant namely , and insurant has died , cannot suffer naturally get insurance gold
  9. Nevertheless , if insurant ceng shen has been gotten , shift to an earlier date to pay insurance gold , advocate be stopped nearly or already changed clear to reduce the specified number , or advocate it is fixed insurance against death nearly , do not enjoy the right that shifts to an earlier date to pay
  10. Generally speaking , offer the product that the risk ensures only , suit the person with inferior income to buy , if insurance against death , person is accident , injury insurance , disease , medical treatment is sure to wait , because do not have time - expired live to pay or annuity gives pay , require the insurance cost with less pay only , can obtain bigger risk safeguard
  11. Because be organization person insurance without giving thought to ( insurance liability includes an illness or harm an accident accidentally ) , still be injury insurance of organization person accident ( insurance liability includes to harm an accident accidentally only ) the underwriter gives only pay gold of insurance against death or disability insurance golden share , and the medical treatment cost that because this arises , does not bear

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