insurance advertisements in a sentence

"insurance advertisements" in Chinese  
  1. It accidentally went out with the insurance advertisement.
  2. "' Mandy McElhinney "'( born ) is an Australian actress best known for playing Rhonda in AAMI insurance advertisements.
  3. A recent heating oil insurance advertisement promised to cap prices at $ 1.39 a gallon for a one-time premium of $ 145.
  4. "' Greg Pitts "'( born January 21, 1970 ) is an Allstate Insurance advertisements with sidekick Andrew Hawtrey as " Bergwood ".
  5. Comeau portrayed Teddy Huffstodt, the mentally unbalanced brother of Hank Azaria's Dr . Craig Huffstodt, for the duration of the short-lived series " Progressive Auto Insurance advertisement.
  6. It's difficult to find insurance advertisements in a sentence.

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