insurance adjuster in a sentence

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  1. Berman's Republican opponent is David Hernandez, an insurance adjuster from North Hollywood.
  2. Insurance adjuster Harold Smith said nothing else was taken from the home.
  3. They called out to passers-by : " Are you an insurance adjuster?
  4. After the Second World War he became an insurance adjuster for Lloyd's.
  5. But the hotel expects mainly insurance adjusters and others on storm-related business.
  6. It's difficult to find insurance adjuster in a sentence.
  7. Jim Carrey, in his most serious outing, plays an on-the-skids insurance adjuster.
  8. Gayler said insurance adjusters are back at work after fleeing recent hurricanes.
  9. She's now an insurance adjuster and comfortable in her one-bedroom apartment.
  10. Rouse said an insurance adjuster estimated damage at $ 3, 800.
  11. Vanderwerf, the insurance adjuster, said he's trying to get past it.
  12. Insurance adjusters could fill out their forms directly on the M2's tiny screen.
  13. He later settled in South Carolina, working as an insurance adjuster.
  14. Insurance adjusters estimate damage to Tarrant County at $ 450 million.
  15. Since then, he has become an insurance adjuster, based in Philadelphia.
  16. Usually the values that insurance adjusters receive are either left-truncated, right-censored, or both.
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