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  1. Sanatorium benefit was a particular feature of the National Insurance Act 1911.
  2. This act also amended the GIBNA Act and Insurance Act of 1938.
  3. The Insurance Act 1996 came into effect from January 1 this year.
  4. He also supported the Government in passing the National Insurance Act 1911.
  5. Currently, most illegal vans are not insured under the Third Party-Insurance Act.
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  7. The bill will be called " The Individual Retirement Account Insurance Act ."
  8. After the historic 1906 victory, the Liberal Party introduced various Unemployment Insurance Act.
  9. Insurance Act ` has helped cushion adverse effects', NEW STRAITS TIMES-
  10. In addition, an accident insurance act of December 1964 indexed benefits.
  11. Congress subsequently enacted the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act in June 1938.
  12. After the war, the National Insurance Act 1946 completed universal coverage of social security.
  13. The Unemployment Insurance Act of 1920 passed at a time of very little unemployment.
  14. The practice is allowed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.
  15. Maternity benefits were included in the National Insurance Act 1911 because of the guild's pressure.
  16. The " Insurance Act " and its associated regulations apply to the banks'promotion of insurance.
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