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  1. -- A new insulated roof surface costing $ 16 million.
  2. Until now, the government insulated the miners with huge subsidies.
  3. We got really weird and insulated from reality and the world.
  4. I think you can limit yourself by becoming insulated and removed,
  5. He built a snow cave and insulated it with pine boughs.
  6. It's difficult to find insulate in a sentence.
  7. Can I insulate the attic floor with that wiring in place?
  8. A company typically diversifies to insulate itself from changing public tastes.
  9. That serves as an insulating blanket that'll cause overheating.
  10. Can I build a box around it and insulate the box?
  11. I wore a light insulated T-shirt and regular jersey.
  12. Q . How cold will an insulated attic get without vents?
  13. Their handlers, however, do their best to insulate them.
  14. Such planes have cargo compartments that are airtight and heavily insulated.
  15. Larry Bird's staggering contract insulates him from all harm.
  16. These companies also benefited because they are insulated from currency swings.
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