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"innovate in" in Chinese  
  1. Mary Kies was not the first American woman to innovate in hat-making.
  2. Servaes innovated in his work using painting techniques that founded Flemish Expressionism.
  3. He also innovated in the body with a more streamlined design.
  4. It continued to innovate in the IC technology, and remained a significant force.
  5. George Silver esq . innovated in land cultivation, grain production and cattle breeding.
  6. It's difficult to find innovate in in a sentence.
  7. The view was a restatement of ideas first innovated in the early 1860s.
  8. Now you can say,'How can I innovate in that space ?'
  9. You can't innovate in this area, institution by institution, doctor by doctor ."
  10. "It makes it tough for us to innovate in those areas, " he said.
  11. The NRC Examination Unit innovated in the field of cryptology.
  12. We are planning on innovating in areas such as performance.
  13. AIX v3 innovated in several ways on the software side.
  14. Basically, they froze our ability to innovate in that space,
  15. That was my point above : Microsoft innovates in the direction of already-existing BIG markets.
  16. Reforestation was innovated in the early 1940s and pulp and paper mills bought the thinnings.
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