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  1. On 1 September, TEPCO began injecting water using the new route.
  2. An alternative to intercooling is injecting water into the intake air to reduce the temperature.
  3. Depending on the engine, improvements in power and fuel efficiency can also be obtained solely by injecting water.
  4. Otherwise injecting water cools the combustion process unnecessarily, resulting in negative effects such as reduced efficiency or power.
  5. Sprinkling is generally ineffective and injecting water under pressure counter-productive, because it carries oxygen, bringing the risk of explosion.
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  7. By injecting water at the ends, the water is heated to steam temperatures and is transported throughout the targeted volume.
  8. Pressure can also be altered by injecting water into the ground to restore pressure needed to force fuels to the surface.
  9. The drilling mud is evacuated from the borehole after casing the well by pouring or injecting water into the casing, called backwashing.
  10. By injecting water or carbon dioxide into a field, producers can dramatically increase the total production and extend the life of a field.
  11. As domestic fields mature, the oil companies have had to use expensive techniques such as injecting water to force more oil out of rock.
  12. Outdoor piping and pumps for injecting water into the reactors were secured with ropes to keep them from being knocked over by the wind.
  13. Starting with brine obtained by injecting water into rock salt formations-- what's known as solution mining-- the company concentrates the brine in heated evaporating pans.
  14. The MONIAC showed this by draining water ( savings ) from the expenditure stream and by injecting water ( investment income ) into that stream.
  15. At 09 : 25 JST on 13 March, operators began injecting water containing boric acid into the primary containment vessel ( PCV ) via the pump of a fire truck.
  16. Injecting water intravenously can easily overwhelm your body's sophisticated homeostasis and cause rapid illness, while it normally takes a prolonged period of time to get water poisoning through simply drinking it.
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