injecting room in a sentence

  1. It also is home to Australia's only officially sanctioned heroin injecting room.
  2. But the injecting room averages just half that number with less than 150 opiate injections per day.
  3. The 2004 WHO review is an example, as are injecting room evaluations for Sydney and Vancouver.
  4. Osborne voted against the 2000 budget in a successful attempt to stop the opening of a supervised injecting room.
  5. New South Wales state opposition leader Kerry Chikarovski said the heroin injecting room sent out the wrong message about drugs.
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  7. Prime Minister John Howard has said previously he is opposed to heroin injecting rooms, but the issue falls within state jurisdiction.
  8. A new budget without funding for the injecting room was presented to the Assembly soon after and it passed with Osborne's support.
  9. He has worked on a number of Joint Select Committees, undertaking a pioneering investigation into Medically Supervised Injecting Rooms, and investigating the Northside Sewerage Tunnel.
  10. But he said the government had missed an opportunity to save lives " by refusing to back harm minimization schemes such as safe injecting rooms ."
  11. Although the injecting room had the support of a majority of the Assembly members, Osborne's support was needed to approve the funding in the budget.
  12. In the injecting rooms near Madrid 42 % of the marginalized target group were homeless, while the number was 60 % for the Can Tunis area of Barcelona.
  13. Most other state leaders greeted the announcement with skepticism, saying they did not believe a safe injecting room trial was the answer to the nation's drug problem.
  14. The current issue had its origins in a first deletion of a factual and meticulously cited paragraph on criticisms of injecting rooms on the Harm Reduction page dated 29 April 2010.
  15. "The injecting room is basically telling our young people that if they choose to start using illegal drugs they will be supported in that decision, " she said.
  16. Largely speaking being a News corp paper it follows a conservative stance, in particular its pro Iraq war stance, anti NSW Labor stance, criticism of injecting rooms, and so on.
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