industry and commerce in a sentence

"industry and commerce" in Chinese  
  1. Industries and Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed told reporters in the Bangladesh capital.
  2. He was Federal Minister for Industries and Commerce from 1954 to 1955.
  3. The department was renamed as " Industry and Commerce " in 1940.
  4. Bryan Todd was knighted in 1976 for services to industry and commerce.
  5. Colley retained his Industry and Commerce portfolio in the following cabinet reshuffle.
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  7. Mitsubishi filed its complaint with the Zhongshan Administration of Industry and Commerce.
  8. The biggest owner of Chinese industry and commerce is the military establishment.
  9. Industry and commerce where they contribute to pharmaceutical research and drug safety.
  10. The government was extremely concerned by pricing mayhem in industry and commerce.
  11. Freezer units are used in households and in industry and commerce.
  12. In addition, Nigerian industry and commerce employed several thousand Chadian workers.
  13. One key post that remains empty is the minister of industry and commerce.
  14. Some km away from Dahao, Wuxi thrives with industry and commerce.
  15. The DIHT is the umbrella organization of German chambers of industry and commerce.
  16. In 1865 Agull?was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce.
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