industry and agriculture in a sentence

"industry and agriculture" in Chinese  
  1. Today many of its residents are employed in local industry and agriculture.
  2. Present day Delcevo is a town with equally represented industry and agriculture.
  3. The market revolution also brought about a change in industry and agriculture.
  4. Vehicles, industry and agriculture produce the gas when they burn fossil fuels.
  5. Both Iraqi industry and agriculture declined sharply during the past two decades.
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  7. At the same time, they would promote the development of industry and agriculture.
  8. Dan and Damien further demand the collectivisation of industry and agriculture.
  9. The primary economic activities of Gaza are small-scale industries and agriculture.
  10. We have made enormous strides in science and industry and agriculture.
  11. They believe industry and agriculture inevitably lead to hierarchy and alienation.
  12. It is excess and want, neglect and care, industry and agriculture.
  13. The town of Hailsham has a history of industry and agriculture.
  14. There are many collections which pertain to logging, the railway industry and agriculture.
  15. South Seberang Perai is thriving with the fishing industry and agriculture.
  16. The traditional historiography always emphasized the interaction between the textile industry and agriculture.
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