industry analysts in a sentence

"industry analysts" in Chinese  
  1. Industry analysts said the deal offers strategic benefits for both companies.
  2. Steel industry analysts were optimistic about the prospects for the venture.
  3. John Casesa, an industry analyst with Wertheim Schroder, agreed.
  4. Some industry analysts were not so sanguine about the October results.
  5. Industry analysts predict that it will reach $ 950 in 1996.
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  7. Industry analysts and a company spokeswoman dismissed yesterday's news.
  8. But Ascend has no time to celebrate, said industry analysts.
  9. Many industry analysts are predicting a slight industry recession in 1998.
  10. Industry analysts said it may contain as much as 42 million.
  11. One solution, industry analysts say, could be an acquisition.
  12. To industry analysts, the Buffett investment is no a surprise.
  13. Utility Week reported industry analysts don't believe the stories.
  14. Indeed, industry analysts say they already appear to be peaking.
  15. TWA has had a good safety record, industry analysts say.
  16. Industry analysts say the situation can't go on forever.
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