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  1. Many tobacco industry analysts expect the stock to resume its climb.
  2. But industry analysts say that most consumers will probably be spared.
  3. Somers made his remarks on a conference call with industry analysts.
  4. Industry analysts doubt any plan will change the minds of regulators.
  5. Industry analysts said it may contain as much as 42 million.
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  7. Anderson told industry analysts and reporters in an early morning briefing.
  8. Lehman said in a conference call with industry analysts and reporters.
  9. Industry analysts expect thousands of other layoffs at other major carriers.
  10. Industry analysts who are also AOL customers were taken by surprise.
  11. Industry analysts who closely follow Boeing also were caught off guard.
  12. But many executives at rival carriers and industry analysts dispute that.
  13. Industry analysts say it could fetch $ 250 million and upwards.
  14. But some industry analysts say the customer base is far smaller.
  15. Steel industry analysts were optimistic about the prospects for the venture.
  16. That was 23 . 0 percent less than industry analysts forecast.
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