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  1. An industry advisory group in 1998 rejected an onboard inerting system as too expensive and unnecessary.
  2. The CEO of Laurie Patton, is the Secretary and represents ACTA on the Federal Government's Digital Switchover Taskforce Industry Advisory Group.
  3. An entertainment industry advisory group that counsels Hollywood on responsibly handling issues such as substance abuse and auto safety has added terrorism and war to its list.
  4. Officials cautioned that the vice president's commission, which has not yet held its first full-blown meeting, might decide to reject the recommendations of the industry advisory group.
  5. But according to the Workers'Compensation Rating Bureau, an industry advisory group, the average cost of claims for a shoe manufacturer is $ 9.26 per $ 100 of payroll.
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  7. But according to the Workers'Compensation Rating Bureau, an industry advisory group, the average cost of claims for a shoe manufacturer is $ 9 . 26 per $ 100 of payroll.
  8. To this end, BC Tech has established a Clean Energy Technology Program and a Clean Tech Industry Advisory Group to ensure that these companies have the capital, human resources, and access to markets they need to grow and prosper.
  9. An industry advisory group led by Boeing Co . and Airbus Industries on Tuesday rejected design changes to commercial jets to prevent fuel tank explosions such as the blast that federal officials say downed TWA Flight 800 two years ago.
  10. A 1999 study by the National Petroleum Council, an industry advisory group to the government, said about 10 percent of the country's total reserves of natural gas lay beneath the Rockies but that 40 percent of the deposits are off-limits to drilling.
  11. An industry advisory group formed by the Federal Aviation Administration has suggested that the costs should be controlled by using computers, including the airlines'own reservation and ticketing systems and records of frequent fliers, to limit the number of bags that are examined.
  12. An industry advisory group formed by the FAA that has been working on security issues for more than a year formed a task force at a meeting just hours before TWA's Boeing 747 exploded over waters near Long Island after taking off from Kennedy Airport.
  13. The approach being pushed by industry advisory groups, with the support of senior officials at the FAA and the White House, would lower the costs of the bomb detection process by instead building up the process known as " profiling, " which attempts to focus attention on certain passengers and their baggage.
  14. Hewitt is currently; the Non-Executive Chairman of ProVen Planned Exit VCT PLC; a Non-Executive Director of Puma VII VCT PLC; both listed on the Official List of the London Stock Exchange; A Director of London Asia Capital PLC; a member of the Industry Advisory Group of the Associate Parliamentary Group on Wholesale Financial Markets Financial Services and Services and an Advisor to the Financial Services Organisation of UKTI.

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