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  1. The original patent industriously excluded from its scope a continuous band.
  2. Skirving was eccentric, and did not pursue his art industriously.
  3. North Korea has been selling industriously to anyone who wants to buy.
  4. On these and numerous shorter trips he industriously collected spiders.
  5. During the cholera outbreak of 1854, he visited the sick industriously.
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  7. Never underestimate the entertainment value of the industriously amoral.
  8. Of late, Mysore Ramachandracharya is industriously propagating dasa sahitya through his concerts.
  9. He was never apprehended-- because he lied industriously to conceal his record.
  10. Brumidi painted industriously for another two decades.
  11. Eberlin was greatly respected while he lived, composing industriously and playing at church concerts.
  12. A few survivors, he said, were industriously digging holes in the sea of rubble.
  13. I rushed about quacking industriously ."
  14. Charles industriously sets to work, but the first prostitute he speaks to is highly skeptical.
  15. They made offerings of mulberry and presented them to silkworm cocoons, all of them working industriously.
  16. Frank works industriously to improve the store's upkeep, and his attentive service wins customers.
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