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  1. Types include both stock characters and those that are more fully individualised.
  2. The Employment Contracts Act was deliberately intended to individualise the employment relationship.
  3. Intellectually disabled and international students are supported by individualised from the staff.
  4. Special schools provide individualised education, addressing specific needs.
  5. This information is entered by means of a tailor-made individualised software.
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  7. Our forte is providing individualised and customised research for senior executives in financial organisations.
  8. Fractionation regimens are individualised between different radiation therapy centers and even between individual doctors.
  9. QRISK has also been developed further to estimate individualised lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease.
  10. This is also highly individualised and linked to the corporate image the client wishes to project.
  11. He stated that this more individualised approach confirms the quasi-rapture orientation of Ernest Norman.
  12. The 17th century was the period when French painting became prominent and individualised itself through classicism.
  13. Nominalists deny the existence of universals altogether, even as individualised and multiplied within the individuals.
  14. Identification of risk factors, to help individualise treatment, is a big field in medicine.
  15. Individualised treatment plans are critical in treating chronic conditions because patients will place varying important on health outcomes.
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